My New Approach To Putting Practice

Detailing my new putting practice approach

Putting is a level playing ground…. who drove the furthest off the tee? Who had the shortest approach shot?… When you are on the green none of that matters.

I have neglected my putting, i can hit balls all day long, i can even chip and pitch for hours on end but putting has never been something I’ve loved to practice. Somehow I still manage to convince myself i should be rolling in every putt i take a look at!

I decided to really step up my putting game and had a dig on how best to do that with the limited time i can keep my concentration up, it turns out that this is a common issue and continuing to practice after all interest has been lost can actually be harming your stroke!

Little and often meaningful practice is what i found to be the ideal strategy for me, short sessions every day where i really focus on training my putting stroke. My approach was super simple:

  • Hit 10-20 putts per session (always done indoors on carpet)
  • Use putting mirror and ProV1 (ball i use on the course)
  • Focus on fundamentals using mirror – ball position, eye position, stroke etc.
  • Do this every single day

I have found this a real stress free way to get in some solid putting practice this past week and because its every day i am accumulating way more solid and focused practice strokes per week than a half hearted effort on the putting!

I am aiming to stick at it for another week and then post my results and feedback so stay tuned for that!

The putting mirror i use is the EyeLine golf compact mirror, i find it to be the perfect size and it has alignment and stroke aiding lines as well as the namesake eye line! You can get the exact one i use here or similar ones here.

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Now go practice with the short stick!

The Fitness Strategy Of PGA Champ Justin Thomas

I’m writing this the day after Justin Thomas has just won the PGA Championship, The whole golfing world views his distance from the tee as an anomaly, he stands only 5’10” and weighs just 66kg or 145lbs!

He manages to AVERAGE 310 yards from the tee! That is incredible!

I wanted to discuss Justin and his powerful golf swing today because I think you can learn a lot from his approach to fitness.

We hear all too often that modern golfers are ‘overdoing it’ in the gym and putting on too much muscle (a pretty tough feat if you’ve been trying for any length of time!)

Justin’s approach is to forget most of the ‘power’ and ‘muscle building’ exercises, his main aim in the gym is to increase flexibility / mobility and make sure his body is moving properly and efficiently, not what you were expecting right?!

Golf has become such a power sport that many people neglect the fact that mobility is ultimately going to determine how efficient your swing is, Justin has managed to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of his body and the numbers don’t lie!

His main reasons behind this strategy are a couple of back injuries he sustained early on in his career, he learned the hard way that his body needed a helping hand coping with the stresses of his golf swing.

He learned with the help of his trainer Tyler Parsons, that his back pain was caused by tight hips (what have I been telling you?!) and as soon as he worked on hip flexibility and mobility the back pain disappeared and he gained yards on the golf course, without lifting a single weight.

Now I’m not telling you that training to gain muscle and strength is bad for golf but im using his case as an example that its not the only piece of the puzzle. Golf is a complex sport and it requires a lot of different skills (big glutes help on the tee box but on the green, the hole doesn’t care if work out or not)

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5 Exercises For A Better Backswing

The role of the right arm in the golf swing is massively underrated by some, it can provide control and serious power when moved effectively but equally it can lead to wild shots and sap power if its in bad positions.

Right arm in the backswing
This article will show you 5 exercises you can do to give you the proper feeling and strength / flexibility to get that right arm working properly in your golf swing and hopefully lead to some better shots!

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Exercise 1

Barbell Over Head Press / Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Golf exercise shoulder press

Golf exercise shoulder press

Moving your right arm properly starts at the shoulder and building up enough strength in the joint to be able to handle the proper movement is essential. The Barbell / Dumbbell press is amazing for overall shoulder development as it incorporates all three parts of the deltoid, the rotator cuff and all the small muscles around the shoulder blade.

For the technique check out this article – GOLF FITNESS – SHOULDER POWER & STABILITY WORKOUT

Exercise 2

Shoulder Rotations

Golf exercise shoulder Rotations

Golf exercise shoulder rotation
The importance of the small muscles often gets overlooked. This exercise will actively target the muscles responsible for the rotation of your shoulder and arm and will help you achieve a better position in the golf swing.

Start with a LIGHT dumbbell or weight plate, hold it at shoulder height with your arm bent at a 90 degree angle so your shoulder, elbow and the weight are all on the same level. SLOWLY rotate your shoulder upwards making sure to keep your shoulder and elbow aligned.

This exercise can really help to injury-proof your shoulders when done correctly and i highly recommend starting with a light weight!

Exercise 3

Face Pulls

Golf exercise face pull

Golf exercise face pull
If you have read any of my articles before, chances are that you know that i love facepulls! they are great for posture, shoulder strength, flexibility and muscle balance!

I wont go into too much detail as i cover it in-depth in this article – Best Golf Exercise Ever? Your Shoulders Will Think So! – Go check it out, do them and thank me later!

Exercise 4

Resistance Band Backswings

Golf stretch and exercise resistance band backswing

Resistance Band Backswings will really help you to get the right feeling of the proper movement in the backswing, loop a band around your trail arm (right for me as im a right handed golfer) and loop the other end of the resistance band under your lead foot (left for me) now make some backswings and notice how the band keeps your elbow pointing downwards and infront of your body, this is a great position in the golf swing!

Hold the top position (as far as you can comfortably go, usually around a 3 quarter backswing) for a few seconds and then relax before holding again. this will ensure you get the correct feeling, stretch the muscles and strengthen the ones which hold the arm in place!

Exercise 5

Wall Assisted Static Sholder Stretch

Golf stretch wall assisted static shoulder stretch

This is a really simple stretch which im sure you have come across before, sometimes simple is the key! This stretch will mobilise the shoulder joint and allow that prefered backswing position. Just dont over-do it, the shoulder is a complex joint!

Give these exercises a try and hopeflly you will be using that trail arm properly in your golf swing!

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If you don’t have a resistance band, why not? They are really cheap and super versatile, get one from here – Resistance Bands

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Deadlifts For Golf – Power, Distance & Control In One Move!

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises for any sport, golf is no exception! Watch the video on our YouTube channel where I discuss the conventional deadlift including technique and tips to perform it safely!

Deadlifts For Golf – Watch Here!

meathod golf fitness edlifts for golf

Best Golf Exercise Ever? Your Shoulders Will Think So!

Imagine trying to play golf with dislocated shoulders…..just going to leave that there for a second or 2! Obviously that is a massive exaggeration, that would never happen, you would be straight to A&E but it helps highlight a point often overlooked by golfers, the health of your shoulders.

Your shoulder joint is a complex web of muscles, tendons and bones, all working together to be the most mobile joint in your body. This mobility is what allows us to do much of what we do with our arms an upper body (including playing golf) but it can also be a weakness, the muscles, tendons and bones are very easily injured if the structure of the shoulder isn’t sound.

Your shoulder is highly susceptible to muscular imbalances usually caused by too much sitting, hunching, training the anterior (front) of the body more than the posterior (back) or neglecting the to train the upper back and rear of the shoulders altogether! When you are out and about and look at the people around you, how many of them have good posture? How many stand tall with their shoulders back? I’m willing to bet not that many, the usual posture you see is a rounded upper back and shoulders rolled forwards and in towards the chest.

Now when we play golf, the shoulders play a pretty big role in the swing and you can see from some of the best players in the world that golf posture counts for a lot! If you have imbalances in your shoulder and bad posture in every day life, you don’t stand much chance of a decent golf posture and a good golf posture allows you to make a full turn and for the body and arms to work together in the golf swing.

The single best exercise for training the muscles in the upper back and rear of the shoulders that help you to get that perfect posture is the Face Pull, it can be done with a cable or a resistance band which is my preference as you can activate more muscles.

method golf fitness exercise face pull

Method Golf Fitness Exercise Face Pull

  • Make sure to attach the band securely, you don’t want one of those to the face!
  • Keep your back straight and hold the band at arms length, the band being tight.
  • Relax the shoulders before you start the movement.
  • Slowly pull the band towards your forehead and pull your hands apart at the same time.
  • Finish the pull when you reach the ‘double bicep pose’ and hold for a second.
  • Slowly return to the start and repeat, simple!

That’s how easy it is to have strong, healthy shoulders! Watch the video on the Method Golf Fitness YouTube Channel where I talk you through the movement and things from this article, make sure you subscribe while you are there!

If you don’t have a resistance band, why not? They are really cheap and super versatile, get one from amazon like this – Resistance Bands

Let me know what you think is the best golf exercise ever by commenting below!

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Exercises That Golfers Should Avoid!

Normally I would be talking you through a great exercise or workout that will help your game, today I thought I would do the opposite! There are some exercises that seem harmless enough but train muscles and movement patterns that could really harm your golf swing and bring about bad habits.

1. Training too much chest!

The first thing to avoid is more of a caution against training a muscle group too much, the chest and anterior deltoid (front of the shoulders) to be precise. Now don’t get me wrong, training the chest and shoulders is definitely recommended however when training specifically for golf you need to make sure you train the opposing muscles, the upper back and rear deltoids, at a ratio of 2 : 1. This may seem high but you have to remember that the muscles of the chest and anterior delts are big and strong and if the smaller muscles of the rear delts and upper back are not trained significantly more then your shoulders will be pulled forwards and your upper back will round, not great for golf posture or getting an effective turn in the backswing!

method golf fitness resistnce band face pullmethod golf fitness exercise one arm dumbbell row

2. Crunches!

The next exercise to avoid is one that I have been guilty of doing until recently, the crunch! This may sound like a great exercise for golf, a strong core can’t be bad right? Well, crunching is no good for golf, it trains you to use your core in a ‘bending’ movement, nothing like the rotation we really want in the golf swing. The proper way to train the core would be with planks and rotational core exercises like wood-chops and band rotations, teaching you how to use your core as a stable rotating unit.

method golf fitness exercise plankmethod golf finess exercises cable wood chop


3. Upright row!

The third exercise is the Upright Row. This is one of the worst exercises for Golf and  sports specific training in general, the reason being the way the shoulders move in the exercise is horrible for your shoulder health! The shoulder joint and muscles extend so far that they can trap and tear tendons and small muscles between them causing shoulder impingement and basically ruining your chances of a decent swing! The best way to train your shoulders is in the way they are designed to move, Barbell press, Dumbbell press, Face pulls and side raises performed properly (bend slightly from the waist and lift the weight with thumbs facing the sky) are all you will need!

method golf fitness exercise barbell shoulder press

4. Leg extensions!

The fourth and final exercise to avoid is machine leg extensions, they are just no good! They train a completely un-natural way of using the quadriceps, they normally function with the hamstrings and hip joint as a whole unit but the leg extension forces it to contract all on its own forming imbalances, if the quads overpower the hips and hamstrings then your butt is going to shoot towards the ball in the downswing and early extension is going to be your new worst enemy! To avoid this make sure to train your quads in movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts so that the whole lower body works together and ensures the hamstrings don’t lag behind.

method golf fitness exercise deadliftmethod golf fitness exercise goblet squat

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The Real Reason Lifting Weights Helps Your Golf Swing.

When you think of someone lifting weights you probably picture a huge, musclebound monster performing bicep curls with an ungodly amount of weight. In reality sportspeople have been reaping the benefits of lifting weights more and more in recent times, Tennis stars are able to squat almost 3 times their bodyweight and Golfers can perform pull-ups with added weight for reps. When you take a look at any top sportsperson there will be a rigorous strength & fitness routine as one of their top priorities.

This may come as a surprise as most of these sport stars aren’t hugely developed muscularly, they are seriously strong but usually not seriously muscular, this is because they are taking advantage of the main benefit of sports specific training, improved neural efficiency. In a nutshell neural efficiency is the rate at which your brain communicates with your muscles and the amount of muscle fibres the brain communicates with, meaning if you train and get stronger your brain is telling more muscle fibres to contract and faster!

This is what we want to achieve as golfers, being flexible and strong is key. Don’t get me wrong, building muscle is fine and actually needed after your strength gains come to an plateau, as long as you maintain the flexibility required.

golf exrcise dadlift

So how do we train to stimulate improved strength? With relatively low reps of heavy, multi joint movements like the Squat, Deadlift & Overhead Press. Many athletes train in a way which minimises the amount of fatigue built up over time so they can practice their skills and perform on ‘game day’ with no negative effects from their training. They do this by performing multiple sets (3 – 5) of 2 – 3 reps of an exercise like deadlifts with a weight that is heavy but they feel could be done for at least 4 – 5 reps, this ensures they never reach failure on the exercise, the worst thing for strength gains, and always have room for continued gains as they slowly increase the weight over time.

Bear this in mind next time you head to the gym and jump on the pec deck for 3 sets of 12, is that really going to help your golf game or improve your overall strength? I think you know the answer! If you need a helping hand with your training don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, either by commenting below or sending me an email from the contact page of this website. I am also very proud to announce that I will be releasing a beginner golf workout program very soon which will help you in your journey to a better game so make sure to subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date on the release, you also get all the new articles sent to your inbox and news and offers exclusive to subscribers!

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Is Your Golf Game Lacking In Distance?

Distance can be a sore subject for some golfers, when you are always the shortest hitter in your fourball its no fun at all!

Many golfers hear that ‘technology’ is making it too easy nowadays, just watch the golf on tv, the players are dominating golf courses and making some unplayable due to them being judged as too short!! In my honest opinion, technology is helping but less than you might think. The guys on tour are fitter, stronger, more athletic and flexible than their counterparts of years gone by, this is the main difference between weekend warriors and the pros.

If you feel like you are lagging behind in the yardage department then fitness is definitely the best way to improve in my opinion! Golf is way more fun when you hit it long!

Check out some of these great golf distance, exercise and workout articles and get ripping those drives down the fairway!

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Golf Fitness – 3 Deadlift Variations To Bring Some Power To Your Game!

Before we get to gaining yards I have some exciting news! I have been working hard on a beginner golf training program! Its going to be awesome and will take you all the way from a complete novice to training specifically for better performance on the course, increasing power, building strength, core stability and speed! I’m really excited to share it with you, it will be available as an E-book and is almost ready! Make sure you are subscribed to the Method Golf Mailing list so you stay up to date with the release and get a special, subscriber only discount!! Now that’s out of the way – on with the article!

Watch the video version of this article here!

Training for distance is a popular subject, golf is so much more fun when you are playing well but even more fun when you are playing well and feel like you can really take on the course, hitting it long and creating opportunities for birdies and eagles!

In this article I will show you 3 awesome deadlift variations that are sure to increase your strength and inject some power into your golf swing!

The first exercises on the list has to be the Classic DeadliftThe standard deadlift is one of the best tools available to anyone training for sport, golf is no exception. Synonymous with power lifters and strongmen, the deadlift can sometimes be seen as a brutish exercise, it is one of the best overall strength builders however and you should drop any preconceived thoughts you have about the deadlift immediately, I mean, if Mcilroy and virtually every other tour pro think its good for their golf game, there must be something to it!

The Deadlift builds your ability to move powerfully from a dead stop, as the name implies! This makes the deadlift fairly unique as it is one f the few exercises where momentum cant be used to ‘cheat’ the weight up, so if its too heavy for you, its not going anywhere! The dead stop and heavy nature of the move means it builds strength like no other, meaning speed in your golf swing and yards out on the course.

The form for the deadlift and all other variation is fairly simple, the most important thing is to start of light and build up slowly so you get used to the movement before you try and test yourself!

  • Make sure to start with feet shoulder width apart (personal preference but start there and adjust as you see fit)
  • The bar should sit in line with the middle of your foot and you should grab the bar where your arms comfortably hang.
  • Brace your core meaning breath in and force down and out into your stomach.
  • Drop your hips slightly and then, keeping your back in a nice neutral position, push through your heels, thrust your hips forwards and extend your whole body to the finish.
  • Make sure to lower the weight slowly and under control, never perform a ‘touch and go’ rep, always set the weight down and start from a dead stop.

The deadlift is a strength move so to get the most out of it I usually recommend sets of no more than 5 reps, usually for 3 – 5 sets.

The next variation is The Stiff Leg Deadlift This is one of my favourite golf exercises, it is a deadlift but without using any leg extension, this limits the amount of weight you can use but builds strength in the hamstrings, glutes and lower back, perfect for your golf swing. The form is virtually the same as a standard deadlift but the hips stay high, the knees have a small bend in them and this is maintained throughout the exercise.

The stiff leg deadlift is always great in any golf workout because it has another benefit that helps almost all golfers, it is an amazing way to stretch and mobilise the hamstrings and hips! Almost everyone spends a good portion of the day sat down and as a result can have tight hips, hip flexors and tight, weak hamstrings, this exercise will help guard against all of those!

Perform these for 3 – 4 sets of up to 8 reps as this will be a lighter exercises and going to heavy on this doesn’t bring the best results!

The final variation may seem strange to you but trust me, it builds power and  lot of it! The Deficit Deadlift. This variation is a standard deadlift but with your feet elevated, this means the bottom part of the lift is much harder and again, you probably wont be able to use as much weight as the standard deadlift. This is an awesome golf exercise because it builds strength but also will help you lift more weight in the standard deadlift, meaning even more strength!

The form is the same as the standard deadlift but you are standing on a stable weight plate or platform, as you progress you can move to 2 weight plates to make the exercise even more challenging. As with the standard deadlift, I like to perform these for 3 – 5 sets of no more than 5 reps.

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