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Golf Workouts – The Basics

This is just a quick overview of the basics of how workouts designed with golf in mind can really assist you in becoming a better golfer.

I love the gym, I would go even if I didn’t play golf. I know some of you will be instantly put off from reading this just hearing the word ‘gym’ and I get it, its not for everyone. This post isn’t about turning everyone into gym ‘bunnies’ (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that’s  a valid phrase nowadays!) I just want to highlight the benefit to your game from training your body to be better in all the areas required for golf. Going to the gym is not necessary, working out at home is perfectly good and in some cases far more convenient, I have worked out at home in the past and still do when time is short.

What areas can you improve in relation to golf? 

For starters, everyone’s favourite… power! Power is made up of 2 components, 1 – Strength and 2 – Speed. Power is the speed at which strength can be applied, so to train for power you must train both components. A good example for a powerful lower body would be to build up some strength with barbell / dumbbell / bodyweight squats and then to convert that to power through box jumps or standing long jumps.

Next we have stability, a key to consistency in my eyes. Stability can be a secondary benefit of training for strength and that is a great place to start, I advocate dedicating some time to training for stability directly however. To build stability you want to focus on your core and small ‘stabiliser’ muscles (the key is in the name!) a good example for core training would be any kind of rotational abdominal exercise like a cable / band wood chop (basically holding a cable or band with straight arms in front of your chest and rotating) or performing push-ups with your feet on an exercise ball for added instability to get your whole body working.

Endurance is the next big factor to improve, playing and scoring well is difficult to maintain if you are flagging mid way through the back 9. The word ‘endurance’ normally brings images of marathon runners and tour de France cyclists to mind but we don’t need that ridiculously high level of fitness for golf and general health. In training for endurance there are a few ways to go about it, you can build cardiovascular (CV) endurance and muscular endurance, CV endurance would be built by slowly increasing variables like time / distance / effort / speed in anything from walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing etc. the list is almost endless. Muscular endurance can be built by performing more strength type exercises but for higher repetitions, say 15+. if you can add reps over time this means your strength is increasing slightly but more beneficially in this rep range your endurance is heightened, this can be beneficial on the course because you don’t want the muscles controlling your swing to tire out before the end of the round leading to inconsistency in both direction and distance.

There are many other factors that exercise can help with in relation to golf, this is just a basic overview of why I think it is a great tool when looking to improve your game. I will be working on some great new content which will outline detailed workouts for the gym and home and specific exercises with instructions and tutorials so subscribe to this blog to stay posted!

Keep improving and have a great day!


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Golfer and gym goer. I enjoy helping people achieve their golfing goals by providing exercises and workouts to improve performance and giving people insights into my own golf training.

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