4 Power Exercises For Golf You Need to Start Doing Today!

So many golfers ask me the same thing “how can I gain distance” usually they are just talking about their driver but the benefit of more power is felt throughout the bag, I mean, who wouldn’t rather hit an 8 iron from 150 yards as apposed to a 6 iron? And a solid drive that gets you inside that 150 yard marker more regularly will definitely help with scoring!  My usual response is that my power has come not from the driving range but from the gym, training designed specifically with power in mind. Here are my top 4 excercises to get you really crushing those drives!

1. Squats

Already I can imagine you wincing! If you play any sport where power and stability are needed and you don’t squat, you are missing out big time. Squats build complete lower body and posterior chain (back, glutes and hamstrings) strength and stability and they effectively train your core. If you look at the longest hitters in the world they all have a ‘squatting’ motion in their downswing which allows them to store huge power from the ground which they explode through impact. Practice your squats and you will have the same feeling. 

2. Push Press

A push press is basically a barbell over-head press where you get the rest of your body involved, a slight bend in the knees and exploding the bar above your head. Not only does this effectively train all three parts of the deltoid (shoulder) and your triceps but it builds full body explosive power! Building power from the ground up, sound familiar? Swing instructors tell you this all the time ‘start from the ground up’ well this builds serious power output literally from the ground up to the bar above your head. A no brainer when trying to gain those precious yards!
3. Deadlift

The deadlift effectively trains your whole body. It’s a tough lift which should be performed with good form. This helps you generate power because it is a heavy lift which starts from a dead stop, literally a ‘dead’ lift! When you can lift a decent amount of weight from this stationary position you will have built some serious power producing muscles and motor patterns. Remember that power comes from your ability to use the ground effectively, in the deadlift if you don’t use the ground effectively, the bar simply won’t budge! Get deadlifting, go as heavy as possible with good form.

4. Box Jumps

Box jumps are the best way to multiply all that strength that you have built with the previous exercises into some seriously explosive power. Learning how to thrust your own body as powerfully as possible away from the ground will allow you to really explode through impact and use every ounce of that power you stored on the downswing. Start off low with these and when you have the correct sequencing build up to higher and higher boxes.

That’s it, my top 4 excercises you need to start doing if you are serious about increasing your yardages. All these movements build the main components to added club head speed; power, strength, stability and explosiveness! Add  them to your existing workouts or simply perform all 4 together in a workout for some serious gains! 

Check out my new E-book over at methodgolf.co.uk it covers golf workouts and exercises to aid performance. It gives you the knowledge to build your own solid, golf specific workouts tailored to your needs or try the ready designed workouts in the book!

Author: methodgolf90

Golfer and gym goer. I enjoy helping people achieve their golfing goals by providing exercises and workouts to improve performance and giving people insights into my own golf training.

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