Cardio and Golf – Why you should be doing it!

In most non-gofer’s eyes, golf is a ‘sport’ for overweight, middle-aged business men. What isn’t realised is that to truly play good golf, you do actually need at least a base level of fitness and conditioning. Looking at the tour, golfers nowadays really are athletes. And there’s good reason for it, strength and power help with distance and core strength and stability help build a solid swing. cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance are often neglected however and I think they are just as important.

I think that almost all golfers know the feeling of loosing concentration late on in a round, most would put it down to the ‘mental’ side of the game needing some work. It is much more closely linked with fitness however, when you are physically tiring it’s a huge challenge to stay focused. Not to mention make solid repeatable swings. 

The good thing about training for cardiovascular fitness is the sheer amount of exercise choice out there, you can literally do almost anything active. I personally used running just because I really enjoyed it but you could use cycling, swimming, any of the cardio machines at the gym, or other sports that you enjoy like football for example. You can also vary the way you train;

High intensity interval training – short bursts of high effort followed by short rest periods and repeated for a set amount of cycles.

Low intensity steady state training – as it says in the name, steady state, so no high effort periods and no rest periods, just a constant effort.

Whatever exercises you choose and however you choose to train them, you will greatly benefit from it. Feeling fresh through a full 18 holes, physically and mentally is garanteed to help your scores!


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