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Is The Gym Good Or Bad For Golf? (Hint, Its Good!)

With the news that my e-book The Power Hack is available for pre-order today, I wanted to talk about something I hear all to often amongst golfers. That is the myth that the gym is bad for golf and will lead to you becoming ‘musclebound’ and getting injured.

First things first – ‘Musclebound’ do you know how hard it is to actually build a significant amount of muscle? let alone enough to make it hard to swing a golf club effectively? very hard is the answer, I am yet to encounter a case where a golfer is too muscular. In most cases, the opposite is true, many people do not have enough muscle to support a stable and balanced swing. Many compensations come from weak or under developed muscles, these imbalances are a great thing to start with when embarking on golf specific workout routines.

If you believe that you are a genetic ‘monster’ and genuinely are worried about getting too big and muscular, then that’s fine because a lot of power work in the gym doesn’t have to bring with it a high amount of hypertrophy (muscle growth) all you need to do is play around with the reps, sets and weight of an exercise, simple as that! A good guide for all out strength and power work with minimal hypertrophy would be to stick to 1 – 3 rep sets of a moderately heavy weight (85 – 95% of your one rep max if you know it) and focus on being as explosive as possible, I would do between 3 and 10 of these sets depending on your experience.

Next I want to talk about injuries, if you perform an exercise correctly, there is no reason to fear getting injured. most injuries in the gym come from either ego lifting (trying to lift a weight you have no business attempting) or ridiculous exercise that usually are sold as giving you ‘functional strength’ as if there is a type of strength that isn’t functional?? One of the main benefits from building muscle, strength, stability and a strong core is that it actually prevents injuries from occurring in the first place. In my case, I used to have chronic low back pain when playing golf when I first started, as soon as I started working on a stronger back, glutes and core I found the pain disappeared!

Now for some benefits! I may be biased but here goes…. Distance! Power! Strength! Speed! Explosiveness! Core strength and stability! Endurance and general fitness! Mental toughness and focus!… the list goes on and on! I honestly believe that if you want to improve your game, golf specific training is a must, it may even become as much of a passion as golf!

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