Golf Workout Series – 3 Exercises For A Strong Back And Why It’s Important For Golf.

A strong back is a powerful tool in the golf swing, it enables you to stay in great positions and really utilize your full body for power, a weak back however is a fragile and dangerous thing that hinders a lot of power transfer from your body to the ball. If ever you have hit enough practice shots or putts to feel a burning between your shoulder blades or a twinge in your low back then you know the importance of the back in golf swing, it is literally what your golf swing hinges on, so you would want to strengthen and keep it healthy then wouldn’t you? A lot of people neglect their back in training, I’m hoping to change that!

Here are my 3 best back exercises for a strong, powerful back from top to bottom

  1. The Deadlift

img_1178The deadlift needs to be learned properly before you go heavy but when you can start to crank out some heavy lifts, your entire back will be getting a seriously good workout. Great for training the erector muscles in the low back and the entire shoulder girdle to help you get into a great posture and stay there throughout the swing. The deadlift teaches you how to generate huge amounts of power through your legs and transfer it effectively through your back and into the barbell, a key to generating power in the golf swing.


2. Barbell / Dumbbell Bent Over Row

20_2The Bent over row is a great assistance movement for the deadlift and it also builds some solid upper back musculature and power, essential for great posture and healthy shoulders. This movement is usually served best in a moderate rep range (6 – 12) and when performing this exercise with a barbell really explode the bar forcefully towards your lower chest. Definitely one of my favourite exercises for activating the latissimus dorsi  and upper back muscles.


3. Chin-up / Pull-up / Lat Pulldown

bs-glm83-2We have been through the lower back and vertical pulling orientated movements, now its time for some vertical puling! whatever your strength level, you can make one of these variations work for you. The pulldown machine is great for learning the movement pattern and can be used until you have built enough strength to perform full pull-ups, however I still like to use the machine in some cases to get a really good contraction and a “pump” at the end of a workout. The vertical pull will target the lats and upper back but in a different way to the bent over row, again this movement is great for keeping shoulders healthy and will help with posture in the swing and stop you from over stretching the shoulders in the backswing keeping everything “tight”. In my own experience, I found that building strong lats gave me a really good “elasticated” feel at the top of my swing and into the down swing, like a wound up spring.


There you have the 3 top exercises for a solid, powerful back which you can put to good use for many years in your golf swing and get a few more yards out of those drives too!

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Author: methodgolf90

Golfer and gym goer. I enjoy helping people achieve their golfing goals by providing exercises and workouts to improve performance and giving people insights into my own golf training.

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