Golf fitness – Crank Up Your Swing Speed Right Now With These 3 Exercises!

There are many aspects to training for golf, many performance elements to improve. In this post I will concentrate on pure and simple speed! One of the most important factors in determining the distance you can hit the ball. These are 3 exercises that are tailored perfectly for golf and I have used personally to really improve the acceleration of my body, they also happen to be 3 of the most fun exercises you can do!

All 3 exercises can be performed at home or in the gym and involve a medicine ball, a staple in most good gyms. If you don’t have a medicine ball available and you don’t want to buy one (I would recommend you do, they are relatively cheap and so versatile) then you can use anything that is decently heavy and you don’t mind chucking it around a bit (quite a lot!) These exercises require a small amount of room and preferably a wall that you don’t mind throwing the ball at.

1. Medicine Ball Twist & Throw – Golf Swing Specialised

This exercise will get you really powering through the hitting area. Holding a medicine ball in both hands stand side on to a wall (the wall should be on your weak hand side), around 6 feet away from it. Now make a slow backswing with the medicine ball, pause around shoulder height and then explosively turn back as if performing your downswing and throw the ball forcefully at the wall. Perform 3 – 5 sets of 6 -8 reps on each side (alternate sides for co-ordination and to avoid imbalances) After these I guarantee the next time you swing a club you will feel a huge difference. I like to grab a club in my rest periods and swing it as fast as possible to really get the feeling of speed!

2. Medicine Ball Crunch & Throw

Lay on the floor in position to perform a crunch with your feet around 1 -2 feet from a wall. holding a medicine ball at your chest, crunch and as you come up, throw the medicine ball at the wall (you may need to adjust the distance from the wall depending on your power) try to catch the ball on the bounce and perform another crunch immediately, again throwing the ball on the way up. You can make these more challenging by getting further away from the wall or by laying side on to the wall and twisting on the way up as you throw the ball towards the wall. Your core will be challenged massively in this exercise and will be trained to really generate some force. Perform 3 sets of around 15 reps, if you are adding in the twist then do 15 on each side for a real burn!

3. Medicine Ball Slam

Saved the best till last! This exercise is almost too fun to be called an exercise. Standing with a medicine ball in both hands, legs similar distance apart as in your golf swing, bring the ball over head and stretch your body, now power that medicine ball as hard as possible into the ground! The first few are usually a little tentative and you will find the sweet spot to aim for where you can generate maximum power! This will teach your body to be fluid and co-ordinated whilst moving at maximal speeds. I like high reps on these, 15 – 20 is usually a good number to feel the proper movement patterns without tiring yourself too much, 3 – 5 sets is enough too.

All these exercises can be put into a workout and I would do it 1 – 2 times per week to really get the most benefit and increases in speed, be careful though, you may start to feel everything else is slowing down around you!

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Author: methodgolf90

Golfer and gym goer. I enjoy helping people achieve their golfing goals by providing exercises and workouts to improve performance and giving people insights into my own golf training.

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