Golf Fitness – Mental Benefits Of Training For Golf

With the Ryder Cup under way today, it got me thinking about all the performance elements that these great players possess. It obviously takes a lot of skill but also physical ability, mental focus / strength and confidence, all three of these are ‘bonus’ benefits from training!

The most obvious is the physical benefit, strong, explosive muscles in the right places will help you with many aspects of the game, distance, stability and control just to name a few. Along with all these benefits comes confidence, hitting towering drives past your playing partners / opponents gives you an edge over them, in match play I have seen first hand the effects of this kind of ‘intimidation’ my opponent starts to swing harder in an attempt to keep up and looses any rhythm! Also, having the stability and control when external factors are against you really helps your confidence grow, if the wind is howling yet you have built a solid, stable base and strength required to hit stinging punch shots, you feel like you can take on the world!

Other boosts to mentality and confidence come actually in the gym or at home, wherever you prefer to work out. It takes mental strength and resilience to keep pushing for progress in training sessions, something you build up as you initially start training. Getting that final rep on something like squats is a real mental battle, your body is telling you to stop but you know that for the best gains you have to dig deep and push harder! This has served me well on the golf course, many times things have seemed to be going against me, you may have had a stretch of bad holes or be down in a match, whatever it is it helps when you know you can dig deep for that extra something.

There is nothing that boosts confidence like feeling strong and powerful, if you are standing over the ball and you feel strong and like you have complete control over your swing, you can be unstoppable! I believe this is why Rory McIlroy loves to train for golf so much and we all know how good he can be! Another confidence booster is realising what you are actually capable of, when you are stuck at the bottom of a squat or a deadlift just wont budge, and you manage to tap into that something extra inside of you, you start to really believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is priceless in golf.

Forgive me if I sounded biased or overly passionate! I really do believe that specific golf training helps you in many aspects of your game, not just the physical. If you like the sound of all this but are new to working out then Check out my other posts here on great golf exercises, workouts and tips. In my last post I outlined a great home workout that strengthens your whole body and only requires a pair of dumbbells! I also offer a FREE bodyweight plyometric (don’t worry, its not too complex) workout when you subscribe to my newsletter which brings great golf exercises, workouts and tips straight to your inbox! Details are just below.

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Author: methodgolf90

Golfer and gym goer. I enjoy helping people achieve their golfing goals by providing exercises and workouts to improve performance and giving people insights into my own golf training.

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