Using The Ground In Your Golf Swing

We’ve all heard it before but ‘using the ground’ in your golf swing is pretty vague, how exactly are you meant to ‘use’ the ground?

In my opinion 2 of the best exercises to give you the feeling of ‘using the ground’ are squats and vertical squat jumps.

Any squat done with proper form is great but there is an emphasis on proper form! One of the best squat variations for golfers is the goblet squat, where a dumbbell is held in place against your chest, the upper back is kept tight and upright, your core is braced and you drop into a deep squat and push through your heels or middle of your feet (whichever feels more balanced) back to the starting position. This is a great variation because it trains all the big movers in the legs (a bit of upper back too!) and has the bonus of being easier to perform correctly, plus, If you try to go to heavy you either won’t be able to hold the weight or you can just dump it of forwards at any time.

Goblet Squat

Performing a squat like this gives you the feeling of really loading up on the decent and exploding ‘through’ the ground on the way back up. When you watch great players like Tiger, Ben hogan and Rory they all have a ‘squatting’ motion in their backswing and start of the downswing, this is the loading part. Next comes the explosive part!

Vertical squat jumps are brilliant for understanding how to create leverage from the ground. Performing at least a half squat, push forcefully through your heels or middle foot, extend your arms upwards and your body straight. The key to this exercises is being as explosive as possible to generate enough force. If ever you have seen a big hitter’s swing in slow motion you will notice a ‘springing’ or extending up from the ground as you get towards impact, that is the power stored in the loading stage being forcefully unleashed!

Give these exercises a try and get the feeling of using the ground properly, the next time you go to the range try to encorporate these feelings into your swing and watch your striking and distance improve greatly!

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