Simple Exercises For Great Golf Posture

Posture in your golf swing is one of the few variables you can take complete control over and it can influence many things in your golf swing, good and bad. So don’t you want to make sure it’s as good as possible?

Well balanced posture

The areas I commonly see which can hinder good posture are:

    • Weakness in the upper back muscles and rear deltoids causing a rounded upper back.
    • Weakness in the lower back and tightness in the hamstrings causing a rounded lower back.
    • Instability in the legs causing an off balance posture.

    The problems these cause make a powerful and repeatable swing very hard to achieve.

    The following simple exercises will help you find a more athletic and powerful posture and a good base from which to make powerful swings:

    1. Band Face Pulls

    These really build up the small muscles in your upper back and shoulders to help stop your shoulders rounding forward too much.

    Attach an exercise band to somethig fairly solid, (you don’t want it ending up in your face!) lots of people find the door handle works great if you wrap it around. I like to kneel down so the band is around head height, hold the band in both hands outstretched I front of you, about a hands width apart. Pull your hands towards your face keeping your upper arm parallel to the floor, as you get close to your face, pull them away from each other. I find these work really well anywhere between 12 – 20 reps and give you a nice burn!

    2. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

    Great for lower back and hamstring strength and the added bonus of getting a deep stretch in the hamstring. These will help with lower back rounding.

    Standing with one leg raised slightly off the floor and the other straight but with a slight bend. Bend forwards at the hip, making sure to keep your back in a nutral position and keeping the same slight bend in your leg. When you feel a nice stretch in your hamstring slowly reverse the movement and return to the beginning position. Repeat on both sides. This can be done holding a dumbbell or kettle bell for extra resistance. I like to perform these for sets of 8 – 12.

    3. Goblet Squat

    Goblet Squat

    If you have read some of my other posts you may be familiar with these, great for overall leg and core strength.

    Holding a dumbbell or kettle bell in place against your chest, keeping the upper back tight and upright and your core braced. Drop into a deep squat and push through your heels or middle of your feet (whichever feels more balanced) back to the starting position. Best served in sets of 8 – 12 reps!

    Give these exercises a try, they will really help you get into a better position to start your swing and hopefully lead to a more powerful, consistent one too!

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    One thought on “Simple Exercises For Great Golf Posture

    1. Thank you so much. 60 years old. 12 handicapper. Drive about 200+/- yards. Fairly fit. I almost always make good contact, but I spray the ball off of the tee. I know it is because I have an over active lower body. From the waist down I feel like a wet noodle. Swaying. lunging, leaning. Do you have exercises for tightening/firming/controlling the lower body?


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