5 Minute Golf Exercises – One Arm Dumbbell Row

5 Minute Golf Exercises – Great exercises you can do in 5 minutes or less that give you a big bang for you buck! Do them on their own as and when or stick them all together for a big bang workout! Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter here so you don’t miss any!

First up we have the One Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise is awesome! First off, it builds and strengthens the muscles of the upper back and rear deltoid-essential for great golf posture and improved swing path.

The nature of the movement is great for building raw power too, I mean,  gripping a heavy dumbbell and really pulling with all you’ve got up towards your chest sounds pretty powerful to me!

Not only does it smash your upper back, it hammers your core too! the fact that you are supporting your body through a unilateral (one sided) movement means your core will be working overtime to maintain stability, something we all really need in the golf swing!

Performing the One Arm Dumbbell Row

It is a fairly simple exercise-technique wise-grab a dumbbell, lean on something so your back is pretty much parallel to the ground and pull it up towards your body! There are a few things to bear in mind however.

Firstly, make sure you have something stable to lean on, some people rest their knee and hand on a bench, I prefer not as I feel it in my core more when performed as above.

When you pick the dumbbell up, make sure to keep your whole back neutral, don’t try to stick your butt out too much but equally don’t round your back at all.

Feel as though you are pulling with your elbow and not with your hand, this activates the upper back muscles more and doesn’t over rely on the biceps.

Make sure to take a big breath and brace your core tight as you pull, no one likes a loose core, or sloppy form for that matter!

Always be in control of the weight, at no point should the weight be controlling you. That means pausing for a second at the top of the movement and lowering under control, don’t swing your body and the weight around, that’s not building anything but momentum!

Sets and reps

I like to perform 10 reps on each side, rest 30 seconds then go again, repeat so you complete 4 sets of 10 on each side-easily done in 5 mins! I don’t recommend going below 6 reps on this exercise, its great in the 8 – 12 range.

Thats it for the first 5 minute golf exercise! Stay tuned for many more, happy rowing!

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