2 Exercise Home Golf Workout

I had a conversation with a friend the other day, they were telling me how they love the gym an working out but they couldn’t keep to a consistent routine due to work commitments, it got me thinking about a super quick workout that can be done almost anywhere with no equipment and that will still give you great results!

The following workout is what I came up with-a 2 exercise workout that targets the whole body and gives you a big bang for your buck!

1. Shoulder width press-ups with rotation

With your hands shoulder width apart, perform a press-up making sure to get as close to the ground with your chest as you can, explode up from the bottom and as you reach the point where your arms are fully extended-lift one arm off the ground and perform a rotation that ends with you forming the letter ‘T’, return to press-up position in a smooth, controlled movement then perform another press-up and rotation on the other side.

(Watch a video of me performing this exercise on instagram, linked at the bottom of the article)

2. Deep jump squats with a pause

With feet just outside hip width and slightly turned out feet, drop down into a deep squat (hip crease below your knee) and pause in this position for a count of 3 – then explosively push up through the middle of your feet and jump as high as possible, if you are performing this outdoors then extend your arms overhead for more momentum. land and immediately drop back down into the squat position.

These 2 exercises will have your whole body covered! Both exercises have an explosive element to them which is great for engaging multiple muscle groups. The press-ups target your entire upper body and core while the squat jumps target the lower body really effectively.

I would perform these exercises in a circuit, start with 10 reps on each side of the press-up rotations, have 15-30 seconds rest then 15 reps of the paused squat jumps. Repeat this circuit 4-8 times depending on ability and time.

Give this workout a go and let me know how you got on! For exercise videos check out my instagram linked below!

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