Golf Workout – Train Like Rory

Rory Mcilroy is part of the new breed of golfers, he’s one of the fittest on tour and in this article were going to run through a workout comprising of exercises that Rory uses to improve his performance on the course.

The workout

1. Warm-up –

Spend 5 mins on a bike / treadmill / rowing machine at a light pace to get the blood flowing, follow that with some shoulder windmills (spin your arms like a windmill) and some light stretching of the lower body. The goal here is to get ready to workout, not to challenge yourself.

2. The power move – Deadlift

The aim is to work up to a heavy set of 5 reps but not so heavy you aren’t able to be explosive, as a rule aim to have at least 2 more reps in the tank at the end of a set on these to ensure you are building power.

TIP – Make sure to keep the bar as close to your body as possible throughout the whole movement, the further the bar is away from you the heavier it will feel and you will easily be thrown off balance.

3. The Explosive Move – Box Jumps

The reps will be low on these because of the explosive nature of the movement, explosiveness takes maximum exertion on every rep so fatigue is useless. Pick the highest box you can manage and perform 4 – 6 sets of 3 reps depending on the amount of fatigue you are building. if you feel great go for all 6 sets.

TIP – Really focus on tucking your knees and using your arms, in order to launch yourself as high as possible use your arms to help and tuck your legs in to your chest as you leave the ground, this serves as a mental aid to increase ‘spring’ and also helps you use higher boxes easier.

4. The Strength / Stability Move – Exercise Ball Dumbbell Pullover

The aim of this is to build some muscular strength and stability, especially in the shoulder joint. Go for 3 solid sets of 12 reps on this movement and try to really feel the stretch in the extended position of the movement.

TIP – Don’t go too heavy on this one as you want to feel that ‘stretch’ and make sure you can comfortably complete the 3 sets of 12 before upping the weight.

5. The Muscular endurance Move – Push-up to Hand Walk to Renegade Row (what a mouthful!)

This exercise sounds complex but its really not – start with 2 moderately weighted dumbbells on the floor about 6 foot apart from each other, you drop down between them and perform a push-up then ‘walk’ over to one of the dumbbells on your hands and toes and perform a renegade row (Row the dumbbell with one arm whilst holding the push-up position) then put the dumbbell down and hand walk over to the other dumbbell and row the other side – that’s one rep! Start with 3 sets of 10 reps (that means a row on both sides makes one rep!) and when you can perform 3 sets of 15 you need more weigh for those rows.

TIP – You can make it even more challenging by having the dumbbells further apart, performing 2 push-ups at the start, performing a push-up between each row or a mixture of all of these.

6. The Core Strength & Stability Move – Resistance Band Wood Chop’s

The Band wood chop is amazing for golf, its almost like it was invented solely to strengthen the rotation in your swing. Perform both low to high and high to low wood chops on both sides to ensure even development and to guard against imbalances. Try to keep your arms straight and in front of your chest throughout the whole move.

TIP – Try to move in a fairly slow and controlled motion to engage the core completely and get the most out of these. Red bands are the best for these, if the resistance gets too low try adding another red band, the step up to the next resistance is usually too large to make in one go.

There you have the workout, Rory Mcilroy  would approve! This works the whole body and every performance element you need to develop to hopefully get more distance, balance and control!

Give it a go and let me know how you found it in the comments below or on social media (linked to the side or below this article)

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