Exercises That Golfers Should Avoid!

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Normally I would be talking you through a great exercise or workout that will help your game, today I thought I would do the opposite! There are some exercises that seem harmless enough but train muscles and movement patterns that could really harm your golf swing and bring about bad habits.

1. Training too much chest!

The first thing to avoid is more of a caution against training a muscle group too much, the chest and anterior deltoid (front of the shoulders) to be precise. Now don’t get me wrong, training the chest and shoulders is definitely recommended however when training specifically for golf you need to make sure you train the opposing muscles, the upper back and rear deltoids, at a ratio of 2 : 1. This may seem high but you have to remember that the muscles of the chest and anterior delts are big and strong and if the smaller muscles of the rear delts and upper back are not trained significantly more then your shoulders will be pulled forwards and your upper back will round, not great for golf posture or getting an effective turn in the backswing!

method golf fitness resistnce band face pullmethod golf fitness exercise one arm dumbbell row

2. Crunches!

The next exercise to avoid is one that I have been guilty of doing until recently, the crunch! This may sound like a great exercise for golf, a strong core can’t be bad right? Well, crunching is no good for golf, it trains you to use your core in a ‘bending’ movement, nothing like the rotation we really want in the golf swing. The proper way to train the core would be with planks and rotational core exercises like wood-chops and band rotations, teaching you how to use your core as a stable rotating unit.

method golf fitness exercise plankmethod golf finess exercises cable wood chop


3. Upright row!

The third exercise is the Upright Row. This is one of the worst exercises for Golf and  sports specific training in general, the reason being the way the shoulders move in the exercise is horrible for your shoulder health! The shoulder joint and muscles extend so far that they can trap and tear tendons and small muscles between them causing shoulder impingement and basically ruining your chances of a decent swing! The best way to train your shoulders is in the way they are designed to move, Barbell press, Dumbbell press, Face pulls and side raises performed properly (bend slightly from the waist and lift the weight with thumbs facing the sky) are all you will need!

method golf fitness exercise barbell shoulder press

4. Leg extensions!

The fourth and final exercise to avoid is machine leg extensions, they are just no good! They train a completely un-natural way of using the quadriceps, they normally function with the hamstrings and hip joint as a whole unit but the leg extension forces it to contract all on its own forming imbalances, if the quads overpower the hips and hamstrings then your butt is going to shoot towards the ball in the downswing and early extension is going to be your new worst enemy! To avoid this make sure to train your quads in movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts so that the whole lower body works together and ensures the hamstrings don’t lag behind.

method golf fitness exercise deadliftmethod golf fitness exercise goblet squat

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