About method golf fitness


Hi, my name is Ben. I started Method Golf Fitness because I was tired of seeing frustrated golfers everywhere, they knew they wanted to improve but they didn’t know where to start. In todays game distance makes everything that little bit easier, combine that with control, balance and stamina and you’ve got a winning combo, I help people achieve just that through exercise and fitness. Learning how to properly use your body is key!

Training is a huge part of most sports but it seems to be forgotten in golf and the only fitness advice given seems to be madly overcomplicated exercises that look more like a circus act! I want that to change, golfers need just as much physical training as any other sport and it needs to be specific and to the point.

I want everyone to be hunting eagles and birdies not struggling for par.

With regular articles and videos  on workouts, exercises, tips and much more you will have plenty of knowledge to improve your golfing fitness!

I also offer personal coaching and a wide range of e-books to help you on your way to great golf!

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