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Golf Workout Series – 3 Exercises For A Strong Back And Why It’s Important For Golf.

A strong back is a powerful tool in the golf swing, it enables you to stay in great positions and really utilize your full body for power, a weak back however is a fragile and dangerous thing that hinders a lot of power transfer from your body to the ball. If ever you have hit enough practice shots or putts to feel a burning between your shoulder blades or a twinge in your low back then you know the importance of the back in golf swing, it is literally what your golf swing hinges on, so you would want to strengthen and keep it healthy then wouldn’t you? A lot of people neglect their back in training, I’m hoping to change that!

Here are my 3 best back exercises for a strong, powerful back from top to bottom

  1. The Deadlift

img_1178The deadlift needs to be learned properly before you go heavy but when you can start to crank out some heavy lifts, your entire back will be getting a seriously good workout. Great for training the erector muscles in the low back and the entire shoulder girdle to help you get into a great posture and stay there throughout the swing. The deadlift teaches you how to generate huge amounts of power through your legs and transfer it effectively through your back and into the barbell, a key to generating power in the golf swing.


2. Barbell / Dumbbell Bent Over Row

20_2The Bent over row is a great assistance movement for the deadlift and it also builds some solid upper back musculature and power, essential for great posture and healthy shoulders. This movement is usually served best in a moderate rep range (6 – 12) and when performing this exercise with a barbell really explode the bar forcefully towards your lower chest. Definitely one of my favourite exercises for activating the latissimus dorsi  and upper back muscles.


3. Chin-up / Pull-up / Lat Pulldown

bs-glm83-2We have been through the lower back and vertical pulling orientated movements, now its time for some vertical puling! whatever your strength level, you can make one of these variations work for you. The pulldown machine is great for learning the movement pattern and can be used until you have built enough strength to perform full pull-ups, however I still like to use the machine in some cases to get a really good contraction and a “pump” at the end of a workout. The vertical pull will target the lats and upper back but in a different way to the bent over row, again this movement is great for keeping shoulders healthy and will help with posture in the swing and stop you from over stretching the shoulders in the backswing keeping everything “tight”. In my own experience, I found that building strong lats gave me a really good “elasticated” feel at the top of my swing and into the down swing, like a wound up spring.


There you have the 3 top exercises for a solid, powerful back which you can put to good use for many years in your golf swing and get a few more yards out of those drives too!

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Golf fitness – Staying motivated, knowing your weaknesses and todays workout.

I have a few topics to go over today, having a good round of golf at the weekend had me thinking about the work I had put in recently at the gym and in practice. It seems to have really paid of in terms of reaching my latest goals and I wanted to talk about motivation and knowing the areas you need to improve.

Motivation – Sometimes everyone looses motivation, it could be for anything but usually its for something we know we should do, like eating healthy or exercising. I had a slump in motivation for my training a month or so ago and found it hard to muster the effort to drag myself to the gym after work. It lasted a week or so, I managed to break out of my “funk” by doing 3 things:

  1. Taking the time to look back at all the goals I had set and achieved in the past.
  2. Focusing in on the recent goals I had set and how much progress I had already made towards them.
  3. Decided to take a week break from my current workout program and spent that time performing workouts I really enjoy, to get the love for training flowing again!

Sometimes everyone needs to take a step back and have a look at the overall picture, you may have had a bad workout or a bad round of golf but as long as the general trend line of your progress is upward then you know you are on the right track. Don’t be afraid to divert from a plan that you have laid out if it means you are more likely to workout consistently. All of those individual workouts add up to something great, incremental gains make big changes over time, I make sure to remind myself of that every time I feel the motivation slipping.

Knowing your weaknesses – Another area I struggled with for a while was setting goals that would actually help me, I would lie to myself about weaknesses I knew I had but didn’t want to bother addressing. Its more fun doing the stuff you are already good at, right? While that is very true, it generally doesn’t help you improve as much as you could, for example, say you are gifted with moderate distance, you thrash at the ball and it flies but you don’t have much control over your swing and you struggle with a painful back, now would it be better to perform only exercises that help you swing even faster? or would you be much better served building a stable base for  your swing and a solid core for control and to help with the back pain? I know which would help you more! You have to be honest with yourself about your weaknesses when setting goals or they aren’t going to help you in the long run and may even hinder you down the line!

Todays workout – Today was a day when I needed to do something in the gym that I found fun, something I knew I liked and that wouldn’t make me resent the gym! (just like I was talking about earlier!) I decided on a fan favourite chest and arm workout, doesn’t sound like a workout that would help golf but surprisingly, upper body strength actually helps a lot in the golf swing. It helps control the club and keep the arms and body working together. I decided that today would be focused on hypertrophy (muscle building) again, a favourite! I had a great workout and left the gym feeling revitalised and ready for whatever workout was coming my way next, which happens to be squats and deadlifts tomorrow, one of my more weakness oriented workouts. The “fun” workout has paid off in this way because I am ready to hit the gym and give it 100% tomorrow, if I had attempted squats and deadlifts today, they would have been half arsed to say the least!

Those are my ramblings for today!

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The Big Pay Off! A Full Weekend Of Playing Golf.

Warming up for RD 1 of the weekend!

Training for golf is fun in of itself, it is however done for a specific reason. Maybe you want more distance (everyone wants more distance) maybe you want to build a solid core, whatever your goal, you should take time every now and again to sit back and appreciate your achievements. All too often we beat ourselves up (especially true on the course) and self criticism is a good thing, that’s how we make the change in the first place but appreciating the hard work you have put in and the outcome from that is a good step towards building consistent results.


Writing this on Sunday eve, I feel all golfed out! I played Saturday, practiced afterwards and then played Sunday too! I played very well, better on Sunday. I had one of the moments I just mentioned, I realised how far I had come in terms of building a solid core and stable base from which to swing, the fact that I could really lean on a shot when I needed too and stay in my swing nicely was a far cry from a few years back when a hard swing resulted in a wild flailing of the club towards the ball.

This is just a short post to say sometimes you need to smell the roses and appreciate what you have achieved…. not for too long though, we have lots more improving to do!

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Is The Gym Good Or Bad For Golf? (Hint, Its Good!)

With the news that my e-book The Power Hack is available for pre-order today, I wanted to talk about something I hear all to often amongst golfers. That is the myth that the gym is bad for golf and will lead to you becoming ‘musclebound’ and getting injured.

First things first – ‘Musclebound’ do you know how hard it is to actually build a significant amount of muscle? let alone enough to make it hard to swing a golf club effectively? very hard is the answer, I am yet to encounter a case where a golfer is too muscular. In most cases, the opposite is true, many people do not have enough muscle to support a stable and balanced swing. Many compensations come from weak or under developed muscles, these imbalances are a great thing to start with when embarking on golf specific workout routines.

If you believe that you are a genetic ‘monster’ and genuinely are worried about getting too big and muscular, then that’s fine because a lot of power work in the gym doesn’t have to bring with it a high amount of hypertrophy (muscle growth) all you need to do is play around with the reps, sets and weight of an exercise, simple as that! A good guide for all out strength and power work with minimal hypertrophy would be to stick to 1 – 3 rep sets of a moderately heavy weight (85 – 95% of your one rep max if you know it) and focus on being as explosive as possible, I would do between 3 and 10 of these sets depending on your experience.

Next I want to talk about injuries, if you perform an exercise correctly, there is no reason to fear getting injured. most injuries in the gym come from either ego lifting (trying to lift a weight you have no business attempting) or ridiculous exercise that usually are sold as giving you ‘functional strength’ as if there is a type of strength that isn’t functional?? One of the main benefits from building muscle, strength, stability and a strong core is that it actually prevents injuries from occurring in the first place. In my case, I used to have chronic low back pain when playing golf when I first started, as soon as I started working on a stronger back, glutes and core I found the pain disappeared!

Now for some benefits! I may be biased but here goes…. Distance! Power! Strength! Speed! Explosiveness! Core strength and stability! Endurance and general fitness! Mental toughness and focus!… the list goes on and on! I honestly believe that if you want to improve your game, golf specific training is a must, it may even become as much of a passion as golf!

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Golf Workout Series – 4 Exercises For A Strong Core & A Stronger Golf Swing

You hear it so often, people talking about the ‘core’ its almost mystical. People believe it to be your abdominal muscles, some your obliques and others your lower back muscles. in my opinion it is all of these, infact I believe it covers every stabilising muscle between your legs and shoulders, including your glutes!

Why do you need a strong core for golf? Well, it helps stabilise your swing and prevent lots of common swing mechanic errors, it provides lots and I mean lots of power in the swing and it also protects you from injury. Here are my top 4 exercises for building a strong core for golf.

1. Plank

The humble plank, such a good exercise! it trains the abs, obliques, lower back, hip flexors and the glutes. the key to a good plank is keeping a dead straight line from head to heel, no sagging or raised bum! You want to really squeeze your abs and glutes in the plank and start off with a few sets of 15-20 seconds and work your way up each session pushing for more time. your golf swing will really thank you for this one!

2. Cable / Band ‘Wood Chop’

This one sound complex but it is essentially holding a cable or band (easy to se at home) in both hands with straight arms in front of your body and rotate, usually done from shoulder height on one side downwards towards the other and vice-versa, google/youtube it, its a simple movement. The reason it is such a great movement is that it emulates a golf swing and as such builds the necessary muscles to perform the movement with resistance meaning when you take away that resistance you will have no trouble swinging like a well oiled speed machine! it also helps to iron out golf related muscular imbalances because you perform sets of the exercise on each side which make this an even more valuable exercise.

3. Back Extensions

Preferably 45 degree (there or thereabouts) extensions. These can be performed ona specialised rest at the gym or can be cobbled together on a regular bench set at aheight you can lean over. I personally love these as they hit my lower back and glutes like nothing else. Your glutes are not only used for power in the golf swing but also to stabilise your lower back and prevent injury. if you love to practice and spend a lot of time hitting shots then you should add these to your routine straight away!

4. Bicycle Crunches

These in my opinion are the only worthwhile crunches when it comes to golf specific training, that’s because they train the abs and obliques more evenly. I usually like to do these for a set amount of time instead of reps, it will do them for something like 5 sets of 30 seconds but you can mix it up in any way you see fit. I like to get a real burn on these usually at the end of a workout just to finish off any muscle fibres that escaped! these will give you a nice tight feeling around your core.

There you go, my top 4 core strengthening exercises for a powerful and stabile golf swing. These can all be performed one after the other for a great core workout or add a couple to the end of each of your workouts, the good thing about core training is that its very hard to do too much.

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Cardio and Golf – Why you should be doing it!

In most non-gofer’s eyes, golf is a ‘sport’ for overweight, middle-aged business men. What isn’t realised is that to truly play good golf, you do actually need at least a base level of fitness and conditioning. Looking at the tour, golfers nowadays really are athletes. And there’s good reason for it, strength and power help with distance and core strength and stability help build a solid swing. cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance are often neglected however and I think they are just as important.

I think that almost all golfers know the feeling of loosing concentration late on in a round, most would put it down to the ‘mental’ side of the game needing some work. It is much more closely linked with fitness however, when you are physically tiring it’s a huge challenge to stay focused. Not to mention make solid repeatable swings. 

The good thing about training for cardiovascular fitness is the sheer amount of exercise choice out there, you can literally do almost anything active. I personally used running just because I really enjoyed it but you could use cycling, swimming, any of the cardio machines at the gym, or other sports that you enjoy like football for example. You can also vary the way you train;

High intensity interval training – short bursts of high effort followed by short rest periods and repeated for a set amount of cycles.

Low intensity steady state training – as it says in the name, steady state, so no high effort periods and no rest periods, just a constant effort.

Whatever exercises you choose and however you choose to train them, you will greatly benefit from it. Feeling fresh through a full 18 holes, physically and mentally is garanteed to help your scores!

4 Power Exercises For Golf You Need to Start Doing Today!

So many golfers ask me the same thing “how can I gain distance” usually they are just talking about their driver but the benefit of more power is felt throughout the bag, I mean, who wouldn’t rather hit an 8 iron from 150 yards as apposed to a 6 iron? And a solid drive that gets you inside that 150 yard marker more regularly will definitely help with scoring!  My usual response is that my power has come not from the driving range but from the gym, training designed specifically with power in mind. Here are my top 4 excercises to get you really crushing those drives!

1. Squats

Already I can imagine you wincing! If you play any sport where power and stability are needed and you don’t squat, you are missing out big time. Squats build complete lower body and posterior chain (back, glutes and hamstrings) strength and stability and they effectively train your core. If you look at the longest hitters in the world they all have a ‘squatting’ motion in their downswing which allows them to store huge power from the ground which they explode through impact. Practice your squats and you will have the same feeling. 

2. Push Press

A push press is basically a barbell over-head press where you get the rest of your body involved, a slight bend in the knees and exploding the bar above your head. Not only does this effectively train all three parts of the deltoid (shoulder) and your triceps but it builds full body explosive power! Building power from the ground up, sound familiar? Swing instructors tell you this all the time ‘start from the ground up’ well this builds serious power output literally from the ground up to the bar above your head. A no brainer when trying to gain those precious yards!
3. Deadlift

The deadlift effectively trains your whole body. It’s a tough lift which should be performed with good form. This helps you generate power because it is a heavy lift which starts from a dead stop, literally a ‘dead’ lift! When you can lift a decent amount of weight from this stationary position you will have built some serious power producing muscles and motor patterns. Remember that power comes from your ability to use the ground effectively, in the deadlift if you don’t use the ground effectively, the bar simply won’t budge! Get deadlifting, go as heavy as possible with good form.

4. Box Jumps

Box jumps are the best way to multiply all that strength that you have built with the previous exercises into some seriously explosive power. Learning how to thrust your own body as powerfully as possible away from the ground will allow you to really explode through impact and use every ounce of that power you stored on the downswing. Start off low with these and when you have the correct sequencing build up to higher and higher boxes.

That’s it, my top 4 excercises you need to start doing if you are serious about increasing your yardages. All these movements build the main components to added club head speed; power, strength, stability and explosiveness! Add  them to your existing workouts or simply perform all 4 together in a workout for some serious gains! 

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Finding Your ‘Natural’ Golf Shot

Some of you will be shouting at me ‘I know my natural shot and I don’t like it one bit!’ Hold on and hear me out. I was exactly the same, I had a high draw which loved to turn into a hook and was ridiculously hard to keep under the wind. I continuously fought it and got unbelievably frustrated! One day, after one of the scrappiest rounds where I just tried everything not to hit that high draw (listening to myself now I can see how stupid that sounds) I decided that enough was enough and would spend as long as necessary on the range to learn a cut shot. What actually ended up happening that afternoon on the range was far more productive.

As the range session began I decided to just embrace my ‘natural’ swing to find out what I was up against. I took dead aim at the 150 yard marker and hit 10 balls with no swing thoughts whatsoever, I didn’t fight a single thing in my swing. I made sure to loosen my arms and hands and just go with it. what I found was that every single shot was a high draw and landed around 10 – 12 yards left of the marker. I was astounded and decided to hit more, ball after ball landed predictably left of the target, some were slightly further left and some were slightly straighter but they all nestled in a bunch no wider than 5 yards. I suddenly thought to myself ‘why have I been fighting this!’ 

It was a real eye opener, when I had no swing thoughts and embraced what came naturally I could hit a solid repeatable shot, the route of all my poor shots was fighting that natural swing! My pre round warmup now consists of hitting around 10 – 15 balls with no swing thoughts other than ‘relax’ and making a mental note of the amount of draw. 

The very next round I played after that afternoon on the range was the best for at least 6 months. I didn’t fight a single swing and hit some great shots. From then on I loved my natural shot. My advice to you is to love yours too, work out your natural shape in the same way I did and play with it, just for one round, I promise you will hit your targets much more often. In my opinion it’s the best route to consistency.

Love your natural swing and have a great day!

Explosive Workouts For A Powerful Swing

Today at the gym, I decided on my topic for this post, workouts designed to increase your strength and power! I mean, who doesn’t want a powerful golf swing?! It’s a fun topic, I love giving it a good ‘bash’. I’ve been blessed with height and long arms, a huge bonus when trying to increase club head speed. Even so, I have drastically increased my power and club head speed through clever workouts in the past couple of years and now I regularly bash it out there well over 300 yards, a serious help on long par 4s and reaching par 5s in 2 shots. One other bonus, not always factored is the ability to have shorter clubs into greens, if you can gain a club of difference over a period of time and go from hitting a 6iron from 150 yards to a 7iron you will usually find your greens in regulation will increase too!

Now, with so many benefits you must be thinking ‘yes, I will take some!’ But here comes the kicker, it takes some dedication and hard work to achieve. You don’t have to be a member at a gym, there are home workouts that achieve great results too. For now I will discuss workouts at the gym but stay with me as the info in this post applies to home workouts too, I will write a dedicated post for home workouts in the near future

The main aim of your workouts.

The main aim of these workouts is to move a moderately heavy weight as quickly as possible on the concentric portion (the actual lifting of a weight) what this does is stimulate fast twitch muscle fibres (for muscle growth) and train your motor units to fire more effectively (increase strength and power). The explosive movements should be compound exercises meaning the exercise should be multi-joint (e.g. Squat uses hips, knees and to an extent ankles) this means the exercises will train multiple muscles in one movement and are the best for improving neural efficiency (the amount of muscles recruited by signals from the brain and the speed that those muscles can be recruited)

Now we have got the complex stuff out of the way lets get down to the fun bit, actually performing some exercises and forming workouts! This will be a brief intro to actual workouts and I will do a more Indepth article of specific workouts. My training philosophy is that full body workouts work best for me, you may feel otherwise and that’s completely fine, it’s personal preference how often you train and full body allows you to train more frequently. In a basic full body workout I would include:

Some kind of squat and/or deadlift

Some kind of shoulder exercise

Some kind of upper back exercise

Another pushing exercise for chest

Some arm work just for fun! 

An example workout of mine:

Each set you should find the 10th rep quite challenging and if you did 1 or 2 more you would fail.

Barbell squat – 3 sets of 10 reps

Barbell over head press – 3 sets of 10 reps

Barbell bent over row – 3 sets of 10 reps

Bench press – 3 sets of 10 reps

Dumbbell curl – 3 sets of 15 reps

I would perform this same workout 2-3 times a week (with at least one day between for recovery)

One of the most important things to strive for is to progress in terms of the weight used in each exercise, whenever you feel confident that you can, add weight. Small incriments work best. I will go into more complex methods of progression in later posts.

This basic template will build full body strength and power! Guaranteed to help your golf swing feel more tight and powerful.
Above is a link to snippets of my latest workout, sorry for the poor editing and quality, I will be putting more effort into YouTube in the coming months.

Have a go at this workout or put the principles outlined here into your own plan, you won’t regret it….and may even have a few eagle puts!

Keep getting stronger and have a great day!