Golf Performance Elements & How To Develop Them

HomehereHomeEveryone wants more distance in their game, its in the nature of it, longer hitters get better opportunities. Look back over the years and more often than not the best golfers in any given generation were also the longest, obviously there are exceptions but generally its true. In the modern game there are long hitters left, right & centre, they train like athletes because they realise what an impact it can have on their game and ultimately their scores.

Training for golf can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, there are multiple performance elements to improve but if you are new to training then basic, broad range workouts are just fine to get the ball rolling (good pun eh? ha!) In this article however, I’m going to give you an overview of the different performance elements and how to train to improve them.

First up we have muscle hypertrophy or muscle building. Now you may be thinking golfers aren’t supposed to get too bulky, in my opinion this is a myth and to actually get too big to swing a golf club effectively would be a mean feat! A bit of extra muscle will really help with all the other performance elements. To concentrate on muscle hypertrophy focus mainly on compound exercises (exercises using more than 1 joint and therefore multiple muscles) and work in the 6 – 15 rep range (nice and broad as most rep ranges will have some effect anyway)

Next up we have strength. Strength in the golf swing allows you to be better in control of the club and ultimately the ball, it also is important for speed which will be covered later on. Building some muscle will usually result in some strength gain anyway however we can really build some strength by training exclusively for it. Again, compound lifts are the best, that’s squats, deadlifts, over head exercises, bench press, rows etc. Rep ranges of 6 or below for 3 – 8 sets will do the trick here, make sure not to fail too many reps as we want to create some quality neural signals to each of the required muscles.

Speed! Everyone’s favourite, I like to build speed by performing explosive movements. Plyometrics are great, exercises with medicine balls, explosive reps etc. Basically anything that is really explosive and at a weight that takes a good amount of effort to move. I have a few good workouts specially for this, here is a medicine ball speed workout from a recent post & if you subscribe to my newsletter here you get a free Plyometric bodyweight workout PDF. Speed training should be kept to low reps and high sets e.g. 6 sets of 3 reps is a good structure that I have used many times. You want to be moving at maximal speeds and too many reps equals fatigue and less than maximal speed. Strength + Speed is the elusive equation of power, make sure not to neglect one or the other when looking to increase your power output and distance!

Mobility and flexibility, I will have new articles up covering this topic so stay tuned for those! Mobility  and flexibility are what allow you to move your body effectively and not develop injuries, it is a major part of golf training that is often overlooked.

Endurance. Building some level of overall fitness will do wonders for your game, not only will you have more energy and more mental focus but you will find it much easier to make the same swing on the 18th tee as you did on the 1st making for a huge advantage when it comes to closing out rounds. Cardio is the way forward here, many different ways to go about it and I will be posting an in-depth article covering the best approaches soon.

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Finding Your ‘Natural’ Golf Shot

Some of you will be shouting at me ‘I know my natural shot and I don’t like it one bit!’ Hold on and hear me out. I was exactly the same, I had a high draw which loved to turn into a hook and was ridiculously hard to keep under the wind. I continuously fought it and got unbelievably frustrated! One day, after one of the scrappiest rounds where I just tried everything not to hit that high draw (listening to myself now I can see how stupid that sounds) I decided that enough was enough and would spend as long as necessary on the range to learn a cut shot. What actually ended up happening that afternoon on the range was far more productive.

As the range session began I decided to just embrace my ‘natural’ swing to find out what I was up against. I took dead aim at the 150 yard marker and hit 10 balls with no swing thoughts whatsoever, I didn’t fight a single thing in my swing. I made sure to loosen my arms and hands and just go with it. what I found was that every single shot was a high draw and landed around 10 – 12 yards left of the marker. I was astounded and decided to hit more, ball after ball landed predictably left of the target, some were slightly further left and some were slightly straighter but they all nestled in a bunch no wider than 5 yards. I suddenly thought to myself ‘why have I been fighting this!’ 

It was a real eye opener, when I had no swing thoughts and embraced what came naturally I could hit a solid repeatable shot, the route of all my poor shots was fighting that natural swing! My pre round warmup now consists of hitting around 10 – 15 balls with no swing thoughts other than ‘relax’ and making a mental note of the amount of draw. 

The very next round I played after that afternoon on the range was the best for at least 6 months. I didn’t fight a single swing and hit some great shots. From then on I loved my natural shot. My advice to you is to love yours too, work out your natural shape in the same way I did and play with it, just for one round, I promise you will hit your targets much more often. In my opinion it’s the best route to consistency.

Love your natural swing and have a great day!