Golf Workout – Train Like Rory

Rory Mcilroy is part of the new breed of golfers, he's one of the fittest on tour and in this article were going to run through a workout comprising of exercises that Rory uses to improve his performance on the course. The workout 1. Warm-up - Spend 5 mins on a bike / treadmill / rowing machine … Continue reading Golf Workout – Train Like Rory


Cardio Your Way To Better Golf?

As I discussed in my last post, golf requires a broad range of performance elements, skill, mental focus & concentration, strength, speed, power, stability, the list goes on! One of the most underestimated of these is cardiovascular fitness and endurance, if golf was to be translated into a running race it would be a marathon … Continue reading Cardio Your Way To Better Golf?

Golf Performance Elements & How To Develop Them

HomehereHomeEveryone wants more distance in their game, its in the nature of it, longer hitters get better opportunities. Look back over the years and more often than not the best golfers in any given generation were also the longest, obviously there are exceptions but generally its true. In the modern game there are long hitters left, right … Continue reading Golf Performance Elements & How To Develop Them