The Fitness Strategy Of PGA Champ Justin Thomas

I’m writing this the day after Justin Thomas has just won the PGA Championship, The whole golfing world views his distance from the tee as an anomaly, he stands only 5’10” and weighs just 66kg or 145lbs!

He manages to AVERAGE 310 yards from the tee! That is incredible!

I wanted to discuss Justin and his powerful golf swing today because I think you can learn a lot from his approach to fitness.

We hear all too often that modern golfers are ‘overdoing it’ in the gym and putting on too much muscle (a pretty tough feat if you’ve been trying for any length of time!)

Justin’s approach is to forget most of the ‘power’ and ‘muscle building’ exercises, his main aim in the gym is to increase flexibility / mobility and make sure his body is moving properly and efficiently, not what you were expecting right?!

Golf has become such a power sport that many people neglect the fact that mobility is ultimately going to determine how efficient your swing is, Justin has managed to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of his body and the numbers don’t lie!

His main reasons behind this strategy are a couple of back injuries he sustained early on in his career, he learned the hard way that his body needed a helping hand coping with the stresses of his golf swing.

He learned with the help of his trainer Tyler Parsons, that his back pain was caused by tight hips (what have I been telling you?!) and as soon as he worked on hip flexibility and mobility the back pain disappeared and he gained yards on the golf course, without lifting a single weight.

Now I’m not telling you that training to gain muscle and strength is bad for golf but im using his case as an example that its not the only piece of the puzzle. Golf is a complex sport and it requires a lot of different skills (big glutes help on the tee box but on the green, the hole doesn’t care if work out or not)

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5 Exercises For A Better Backswing

The role of the right arm in the golf swing is massively underrated by some, it can provide control and serious power when moved effectively but equally it can lead to wild shots and sap power if its in bad positions.

Right arm in the backswing
This article will show you 5 exercises you can do to give you the proper feeling and strength / flexibility to get that right arm working properly in your golf swing and hopefully lead to some better shots!

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Exercise 1

Barbell Over Head Press / Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Golf exercise shoulder press

Golf exercise shoulder press

Moving your right arm properly starts at the shoulder and building up enough strength in the joint to be able to handle the proper movement is essential. The Barbell / Dumbbell press is amazing for overall shoulder development as it incorporates all three parts of the deltoid, the rotator cuff and all the small muscles around the shoulder blade.

For the technique check out this article – GOLF FITNESS – SHOULDER POWER & STABILITY WORKOUT

Exercise 2

Shoulder Rotations

Golf exercise shoulder Rotations

Golf exercise shoulder rotation
The importance of the small muscles often gets overlooked. This exercise will actively target the muscles responsible for the rotation of your shoulder and arm and will help you achieve a better position in the golf swing.

Start with a LIGHT dumbbell or weight plate, hold it at shoulder height with your arm bent at a 90 degree angle so your shoulder, elbow and the weight are all on the same level. SLOWLY rotate your shoulder upwards making sure to keep your shoulder and elbow aligned.

This exercise can really help to injury-proof your shoulders when done correctly and i highly recommend starting with a light weight!

Exercise 3

Face Pulls

Golf exercise face pull

Golf exercise face pull
If you have read any of my articles before, chances are that you know that i love facepulls! they are great for posture, shoulder strength, flexibility and muscle balance!

I wont go into too much detail as i cover it in-depth in this article – Best Golf Exercise Ever? Your Shoulders Will Think So! – Go check it out, do them and thank me later!

Exercise 4

Resistance Band Backswings

Golf stretch and exercise resistance band backswing

Resistance Band Backswings will really help you to get the right feeling of the proper movement in the backswing, loop a band around your trail arm (right for me as im a right handed golfer) and loop the other end of the resistance band under your lead foot (left for me) now make some backswings and notice how the band keeps your elbow pointing downwards and infront of your body, this is a great position in the golf swing!

Hold the top position (as far as you can comfortably go, usually around a 3 quarter backswing) for a few seconds and then relax before holding again. this will ensure you get the correct feeling, stretch the muscles and strengthen the ones which hold the arm in place!

Exercise 5

Wall Assisted Static Sholder Stretch

Golf stretch wall assisted static shoulder stretch

This is a really simple stretch which im sure you have come across before, sometimes simple is the key! This stretch will mobilise the shoulder joint and allow that prefered backswing position. Just dont over-do it, the shoulder is a complex joint!

Give these exercises a try and hopeflly you will be using that trail arm properly in your golf swing!

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Exercises That Golfers Should Avoid!

Normally I would be talking you through a great exercise or workout that will help your game, today I thought I would do the opposite! There are some exercises that seem harmless enough but train muscles and movement patterns that could really harm your golf swing and bring about bad habits.

1. Training too much chest!

The first thing to avoid is more of a caution against training a muscle group too much, the chest and anterior deltoid (front of the shoulders) to be precise. Now don’t get me wrong, training the chest and shoulders is definitely recommended however when training specifically for golf you need to make sure you train the opposing muscles, the upper back and rear deltoids, at a ratio of 2 : 1. This may seem high but you have to remember that the muscles of the chest and anterior delts are big and strong and if the smaller muscles of the rear delts and upper back are not trained significantly more then your shoulders will be pulled forwards and your upper back will round, not great for golf posture or getting an effective turn in the backswing!

method golf fitness resistnce band face pullmethod golf fitness exercise one arm dumbbell row

2. Crunches!

The next exercise to avoid is one that I have been guilty of doing until recently, the crunch! This may sound like a great exercise for golf, a strong core can’t be bad right? Well, crunching is no good for golf, it trains you to use your core in a ‘bending’ movement, nothing like the rotation we really want in the golf swing. The proper way to train the core would be with planks and rotational core exercises like wood-chops and band rotations, teaching you how to use your core as a stable rotating unit.

method golf fitness exercise plankmethod golf finess exercises cable wood chop


3. Upright row!

The third exercise is the Upright Row. This is one of the worst exercises for Golf and  sports specific training in general, the reason being the way the shoulders move in the exercise is horrible for your shoulder health! The shoulder joint and muscles extend so far that they can trap and tear tendons and small muscles between them causing shoulder impingement and basically ruining your chances of a decent swing! The best way to train your shoulders is in the way they are designed to move, Barbell press, Dumbbell press, Face pulls and side raises performed properly (bend slightly from the waist and lift the weight with thumbs facing the sky) are all you will need!

method golf fitness exercise barbell shoulder press

4. Leg extensions!

The fourth and final exercise to avoid is machine leg extensions, they are just no good! They train a completely un-natural way of using the quadriceps, they normally function with the hamstrings and hip joint as a whole unit but the leg extension forces it to contract all on its own forming imbalances, if the quads overpower the hips and hamstrings then your butt is going to shoot towards the ball in the downswing and early extension is going to be your new worst enemy! To avoid this make sure to train your quads in movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts so that the whole lower body works together and ensures the hamstrings don’t lag behind.

method golf fitness exercise deadliftmethod golf fitness exercise goblet squat

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Golf Fitness – 4 Awesome Lower-Body Exercises

The lower body is extremely important in the golf swing, a strong and stable lower half is needed if you want to make powerful swings. Below are 4 awesome exercises that build strength, power & stability in the lower body.


 Make sure to keep your chest up throughout the movement and a neutral spine this will translate well to your posture in the golf swing. The Goblet Squat builds leg and glute strength & power, it also hits your core as it has to work overtime to keep the upper body stable whilst holding the weight.



Again, make sure to keep the chest up and core braced, drop until your trailing knee is about 1-2 inches from the ground. This is much harder than the regular dumbbell lunge with the weights down by your side as you have to really work hard to maintain balance.



Begin the rotation as soon as you start to drop down, turn over your lead leg and aim for as close to 90 degrees of turn as possible. This can be a really hard exercises when you first try it so begin without any weight and build from there. Your balance will improve very quickly.



Make sure to keep a slight bend in your knee and a neutral spine. Lower the weight slowly until you feel a decent stretch in your hamstrings and then push your hips forwards as you return to the top position. These are excellent for low back, hamstring and glute strength.

Give these exercises a try, they will really help your game and you will feel more balanced and powerful after only a few sessions.

Watch the video version on YouTube Here.

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Golf asks a lot of your shoulders, as the anchor points of the arms and ultimately the golf club, they take almost all of the responsibility of keeping the club moving in time with your body. Training your shoulders for power and stability is a great way of improving their movement in the golf swing, increasing distance and avoiding injury along the way!

This article will give you 3 great exercises to achieve this, they can be performed together for an effective all-round shoulder workout.

Exercise 1 – The Power Move – Barbell Press – 6-8 reps x 3 sets


The Barbell Press hits all three heads of the deltoid (shoulder muscles) and is great for training power and force production. This exercise requires strict form and should be done light to start off. Make sure to press the bar in a straight line, this is done by moving the head, not by excessively leaning back! As you finish the movement allow your shoulders to shrug slightly and always keep your elbows directly under the bar.

Exercises 2 – The Isolation Move – Resistance Band Side Raise 10-12 reps x 3 sets (each side)

Side raises isolate the side deltoid more than the front or rear. I prefer the resistance band to dumbbells on these because you can keep tension on the muscle and they work more of the small stabilising muscles too. Make sure to bend slightly from the hips as this protects the joint, helps to activate the side deltoid the most and replicates the movement of the shoulder in the golf swing as it brings the arms and club in front of the body. Keep a slight bend in the elbow and try to keep the thumb side of your hand slightly higher than the other throughout the movement as this keeps the shoulder in a safer position.

Exercise 3 – The Stability Move – Resistance Band Face Pull 15 reps x 3 sets


The face pull is one of the best exercises for your shoulder health, it trains all 3 heads of the deltoid with a large emphasis on the much neglected rear deltoid. It moves the joint through retracting and rotating movements and therefore strengthens the small stabilising muscles very effectively, rotator cuff muscles included. This will help injury proof your shoulders and allow you to use them to their full strength potential.

I would highly recommend getting a resistance band, not just for these shoulder exercises but for a whole host of muscle groups and movements, it will be one of your best investments towards the improvement of your golf fitness! They are inexpensive too which makes them ideal, you can get one from Amazon here – Exercise Bands

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