First of many!

My first official blog post! Hmm what to say….. Thursday, September 1st, 10:27pm.

‘No golf was played today, many thoughts on the next practice session were formulated though, a full out attack on the wedges which served me so poorly the last time. Driver performed well however, a return to form of sorts. Still working on the low cut shot and the dart accurate wedges!’

Theses are just some of the thoughts that rush through my mind on a daily basis, most of them are just born from wishing I was playing or practicing instead of the regular 9-5 nonsense that just seems to get in the way! Occasionally however a fully realised and helpful ‘mini eureka’ of sorts will come my way, it could be an unexpected new understanding of something previously cloudy in my mind or a perfect practice routine to try that will surely improve my ‘up and down’ percentages.

For a few years now I have kept a notebook full of these ‘thoughts’ mainly because I was fed up of forgetting them! Most recently I use the notes section in my phone for ease. When I look back on these notes I see a general trend that started with super complex practice routines and workouts ‘guaranteed’ to gain me yards! The latest few months of notes have been completely the opposite, basic, essential and efficiency have been the key points and that’s kind of my point in this post, sometimes you can get the most effective practice when you ‘cut the crap’ and get back to the basics of what will actually improve your game! If it takes you 15 7 irons until you are satisfied with the outcome then you are practicing wrong, unless of course you just want to be good at hitting 7 irons at the range with no consequence.

In the next post I will go deeper into how I practice and what works for me so you might be able to apply some of the tips to your practice sessions.