Golf Improvement – Do you have what it takes?

A slightly different article today after having a week off, gets you thinking!!

Do you have what it takes to be better tomorrow than you are today?

So many people say they ‘wish’ they were better, that they ‘cant’ improve, some of these people take half hearted steps towards improvement-they might read a golf magazine, watch a youtube video or read one of my articles-but they never put any of it into practice. These people aren’t actually serious about improvement, its something they might say yes too if they had three magical wishes but nothing they are willing to dedicate time and effort towards.

You need to take a hard look at yourself and ask the question-‘Do I REALLY want it?’ deep down you know if you have the real desire to be better or if you are happy at your current state.

If you answered ‘YES, I want it!’ then you have to realise it is a lot of work, people expect to go to the range a few times, hit a few chips and putts and maybe do a couple of exercises now and then and see results on the course-that wont cut it i’m afraid, if that’s your idea of hard work then you don’t really want it.

To be great at anything, golf included, you need dedication, commitment, a strong will to succeed and a slid plan of attack! The best players in the world plan their success, you should too- The 4 key points of that plan are:

  1. Know your game – Take the time to really analyse your game, know you strong points and know your weak points, you should be able to tell me everything about your game in detail including your mental game-when you get nervous, loose concentration, ability to focus and visualise…..everything!
  2. Allocate time in your plan accordingly – If you suck from 100 yards and in, time on the range hitting 70 balls with a 6 iron won’t improve your game one bit, once you know your game, divide your practice time in a way that heavily favours your weakest areas. Set aside time for your fitness, try my golf specific workouts-don’t neglect the physical side of the game. Allocate time to learn more about the game, read articles on technique, fitness, sports psychology and determine how often you will have golf lessons (if you choose too) plan your time precisely.
  3. Obsess over that plan – This is where the people who really want it get separated from the ones who don’t, if you really want something, you have to obsess over it-live and breathe it! Execute your plan to perfection, don’t let yourself slack and think ‘oh, ill do that tomorrow’ if it says you do it today-guess what?-you do it today!
  4. Set aside time in your plan to review it – when creating your plan, set specific times when you will review your progress and its effect on your improvement, I review mine monthly. This is the time to change the focus slightly if you have strengthened a weak point successfully and now another area lags behind. Use this time to reflect on where your game is now and where it was at the last review, you will be surprised how much improvement you can make when you have a solid plan.

If you have what it takes too put all of this into play, you have what it takes to be great at golf. This wont make it easy, if you think it can be then you wont get very far, but it will make you constantly evolve and improve as a golfer.

One final note-stick with it! Too many people start with great intentions but waver after they read or hear something that differs slightly from what they are doing right now, taking in new information is great but don’t let it interfere with what you are currently doing, stick the course and be consistent, that’s the best way to achieve anything in life.

Make some great improvements!

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Do You Need a Golf Lesson?

So do you? If I was to ask you to determine if you need a lesson or not, what would you say? And what would you base your answer on? Most average golfers would respond with ‘yes’ and ‘because I hit *insert bad shot and I can’t hit *insert good shot’ What most average golfers seem to think is that because they can’t hit a towering 300 yard drive with a hint of draw, they need a lesson.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I believe in having golf lessons, they should be a critical part of every golfers improvement plans (some natural talent excluded e.g. Bubba!) but I feel people think of them in the wrong way. If I asked you to hit a target say 150 yards away, and you have a ‘natural’ (I will tell you my take on natural in just a mo!) fade but take dead aim and miss on the right (right handed golfer) then you might say you need a lesson to iron out that miss, in my eyes however you should simply aim for that ‘natural’ fade and hit target way more consistently instead of fighting it. The best golfers in the world play to their natural strengths, why shouldn’t you?

A solid golfer is one that can repeat their swing over and over especially in pressure situations, that sounds like a lot to ask when a golfer is constantly wrestling with their ‘natural’ motion. This golfer would be much better served honing their ‘natural’ swing and producing predictable, repeatable shots. When this kind of game is built, taking it to the course and playing well is much easier to achieve.

Golf lessons should be used to learn and check fundamentals e.g. ball position, posture, grip etc. and I believe that regular ‘check ups’ are a very good thing especially for building consistency. Lessons are also great when a clear technical issue is preventing you from hitting certain shots e.g. ‘casting’ the club and preventing you from hitting low shots into the wind. Now you might be saying ‘hold on a sec, you just said to practice your ‘natural’ swing!’ well, these kind of lessons are best served in the off season, giving you the time to practice and ingrain any drastic changes to your swing so that it becomes your ‘natural’ motion! That’s what your ‘natural’ swing is, what you have built through repetition and practice. For the majority of the golf season I would stick mainly to the ‘check up’ lessons and build them around solid practice plans which focus on improving your scores not changing your swing, wait for the cold rainy days to do that!

In summary, golf lessons are great, get them! With the caveat of getting the right type at the right time to maximise your potential for improvement!

Play to your strengths and have a great day!