Cleaning cars and ‘swinging’ in the rain

The weather has been pretty hit and miss the last few days here in the south of England, I took this quick snap as I was leaving the course this afternoon after a windy overcast day.image

I checked the forecast and it was due to stay overcast with chances of sun! My car needed a bit of TLC due to the fact it is high gloss black and the recent weather had left it looking far from showroom condition! I was then on a mission to clean, polish and wax my car all while the temperature allowed (too hot and polish and wax are a real nightmare) needless to say I only got half way through the shampoo and it started to pour! a few ‘f’ words were thrown around before I settled and changed my goal to just getting the shampoo done and rinsed and I would be happy….for now!

This got me thinking about the way I approach rounds of golf when the conditions are not ideal for scoring. everyone has great aspirations when the sun is shining and the breeze is calm but many people continue such high hopes when things take a turn for the worse and get into a spiral of frustration when things don’t pan out that way. Playing golf in rain and/or high winds is an art in itself and it stems from managing expectation and staying in control. You may not be putting for birdie on every hole but when you realise that is to be expected, missing a green or two becomes less of a perceived problem.

The key to bad weather golf is to play percentages, if you have a much better chance of hitting the fairway with a club other than your driver, go for it. if you have to lay up to a good position on a par 4 with your second shot due to strong wind, do it. The more you can expect to be challenged the better and you will find that your scores wont reflect the weather anymore, we all know a golfer or 2 that seem to thrive when the weather turns, they obviously enjoy the fact that it unravels most golfers and leaves the door wide open for a solid round to look exceptional. Try to be that golfer!

Some of my most enjoyable rounds have come when an elemental challenge has arisen. Next time you find yourself playing in bad conditions try to stay calm and lower your expectations to the basics and you might just surprise yourself.